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Lookin' for CRS

Writing LJ was a lot easier when I could convince myself very few people were watching. :)

All right, no more second-guessing. Just go forward. Or else I'll get mired down in some kind of, um, mire.

Something odd happened tonight that set my whole LJ experience 90 degrees on end. Mail went out to a list some friends of mine are on, someone was looking for me. All she had to go on was my LJ name. This is quite odd... but at least I know it's not something the person wants kept secret, since it went to a list. So I can talk about it here. Right?

So anyway, she just said "Lookin' for CRS"... not much to go on there. Though she did have a cool .sig. It occurs to me that perhaps she's just looking for me because she found some lost article of mine, maybe I dropped the gloves I had my LJ name sewn into down at the T stop, and she's the one who found them. Or perhaps she wants to tell me in email that I'm a complete kneebiter for letting everyone see this kind of stuff.

Oh! I got it! She wants to use my journal entries for lyrics, that must be it! She's a folk musician, and that Retroactive thing would make a great song, so she wants to get me to let her use the idea. I'll get her to name the song "Lookin' for CRS"...

Ok, enough fantasizing about the mysterious person... Time to wait for her response to the email. It's a funny feeling writing this knowing there's a good chance she'll see it. There's only so much ability to stay yourself when you're under observation.

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