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the past couple of days...

Yesterday's snow was the most excellent weather I've seen in a while. I was actually inspired to go outside and shovel some, even though we get people with a plow to come by whenever it snows, as part of the rent. It was so nice and warm and fluffy and beautiful...

In the evening was a most fantastic evening with friends. Very small group, dinner at Bertucci's, then over to the Good Times Emporium... A bunch of video games, including one run at DDR, where I played some 3-foot songs while a friend played some at 1-foot. A friend got a 'money ball', which is a bouncy ball with a picture of $100 bills in the middle... she called it something like "the ultimate synthesis of boing and bling," a phrase I found extremely funny.

Then we went to Woburn to watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which was a very fun movie. Chuck Barris has an amazing imagination... I hope to be able to do something so creative someday. He just up and did it, it's amazing. Nowadays, I think things are different; the "how" of things is so well-documented that you need a different kind of edge. I wonder how many people have thrown themselves into show business with their whole body and soul, and gotten nothing out of it, no recognition... And I'm just not willing to commit to ... well ... anything, that way. I think that that's what it takes to make it in the world today; the ability to commit to a very large wager - your whole life against big success.

Got home at 3am, wrote an LJ entry, watched a little TV to get the caffeine out of my system, and crashed at 4. Got up at 9 or so to run a little laundry before going to Bombay Club with a largish group of friends, including my housemates.

In the next episode of crs, one of my housemates makes an interesting observation, we go to see a movie, go to Olive Garden, and I eat too much. And brunettes with short scraggly hair look really good. :)

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