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RNC infiltration!

Last night I may have had the most vivid dream I ever had.

A friend of mine and I travelled to a campground, or maybe a trailer park, in northern Utah, to visit someone who lived there... and when we got there we discovered that the preliminary Republican National Convention was being held there. We managed to infiltrate it somehow, it involved getting on the right bus and then just filing into the auditorium... except I was at the end of the line for some reason, and while my friend got in with no problem, the door managed to close before I got in. I had to use the smart card in my wallet to get in, I think it was the card I used to get the door at Permabit, I guess I still had it.

Anyway, while we were sitting waiting for the keynote I realized that I was going to miss a class the next day, and was going to miss turning in another problem set. But then the keynote started, and it turned out it was the secret “real” keynote of the Republican party, titled “The Power of Hypocrisy.”

So we sat through that and various people in the audience got called on for some reason, I don’t remember why... And then various friends of mine who I know are republicans, mainly ex-coworkers, came in late, and I kinda ducked down so they wouldn’t see me and expose me as a Democrat. At one point one of them waved “hi” though so I guess they didn’t feel like exposing me.

Anyway, the keynote was over then, and my friend and I left, and my cell phone rang - caller id was for another friend of mine, but a strange voice on the other end said “I know who you are, come out to the van parked outside and get in.” So I started out the front door, but the papers I was holding (the program for the keynote, my only proof of the whole thing, including the name of the main speaker, and my homework, I think) blew out of my hands and I had to go back in to get them.

Behind me, someone else walked out of the building, and were promptly set upon by (presumably Republican) commandos. Around the corner these complete strangers who had nothing to do with anything, just saw someone being attacked by commandos, and set their killer robot to attack the commandos, “‘cause that just ain’t right”...

They helped me escape, and I remember walking through... a kinda tunnely area, with maybe train tracks or something. But that is about the end of what I remember.

Oh yeah, at one point there was something about thinking “Hm, if I just donate some money I can be here legitimately and there’ll be no problem.” and I looked at the forms for entry into the Republican party, and the cheapest level I could donate at to be present at this event was something like $300k.


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