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Good lunch, seeing friends, running errands... whee.

So I made it to the gym again today. Soon I'll have to step up beyond just doing aerobic stuff, and being more careful about stretching afterwards. Friday I'll get back on the weights. It'll be great.

Saw Talk to Her this afternoon. Really fun movie, I'd even call it "great." You really feel for the characters. And it just... worked. I should go back to some other Almodovar stuff and see if I "get it" better than I did the first time seeing it (back in the day)...

Guild night in DAoC was excellent, for once. We got some serious XP gathering going, and lots of fun to boot.

Starting to pay attention to the news again, worry is growing within me a bit more. What have we Americans voted into office with this legislature?

Talking with a friend about it, he pointed out how Bush had shut down the whole conversation with North Korea on taking office, and forced their hand into doing something drastic to get back to the table... calling Kim Jong-Il a madman, referring to North Korea as part of the Axis of Evil, all of these things have formed a self-fulfilling prophecy, undoing the work of Jimmy Carter and the Clinton administration. Who knows how this works? Is Bush creating his own problems, so that he can "solve" them and look good?

There's all kinds of stuff going on that is worrying... *sigh* But I don't have any well-formed thoughts on most of it yet. I worry about how much of the story we're actually getting, with today's massive media megacorporation thingies... There was a law passed some years ago, apparently, that made all the mergers possible. Undoing the prohibition of media ownership by... I don't know the details. I should learn them. But... GE has a big piece of NBC, and is a weapons manufacturer. Other megacorps have similar connections, I expect. Oil, tobacco, whatever.

Hmm. I should look into The Detroit Project at some point. I've also signed on to Governor Dean's site for further info, and signed on as a volunteer on Senator Kerry's site. Hopefully I'll get a chance to help Dean. I hear good things about him, though I notice he's responsible for some big tax cuts in Vermont, and this fact is prominently touted on his website. Not sure how I feel about that.

On the other hand, I could use a tax break on my unemployment benefits, come April 15.

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