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an unconscious conspiracy of friends

Last night saw the most amazing concordance of fate that I have ever

I was originally going to go to a concert of a group called Mary
Prankster, at 10... then i decided i wasn't feeling well enough for
that, so i punted, and people came over for dinner and board game
instead; C brought over this game, and Y was here.. C happens to
mention, during the planning stages of the evening, that there's this
other concert he was thinking of catching in coolidge corner, by these
people called "Future Bible Heroes."

Now, a few months ago, I nearly went to Minnesota for a visit, at the
beginning of November; part of this visit would have been a fantasy
writers' convention in Minneapolis, that I already knew a couple of
(very cute) friends of mine were going to attend. And one of them was
talking about being really psyched for this concert that was going on
there around the end of the convention, for this group. So I was
instantly psyched to make up for the lost opportunity in Minnesota.

Checking online, the band's website listed the show as 10:30, so I
told people I was considering going to the concert around 10:20,
instead of hanging out the whole night playing this board game. Now,
the board game was actually really good, but I decided at the last
minute that I wanted to catch this concert. I'll get another chance
to play the game sometime, if I can remember what it's called.

So I walked over to the Coolidge, and bought a ticket. I started
walking to the back of the line, and who do I see, but B&A! I saw A
just last night, but I haven't seen B since we all went hiking with M
back in, what, June? July? Anyway, I join them in line, and now I
have a better position in line, and thus, better seats. And company
for the show!

Now, the show wasn't all that great, but it had its funny moments.
Musically, I probably would have been happier over at the Kendall
Cafe, watching Mary Prankster. But still, it was good to see B, and
hear his sheep joke... And just generally hang out. Afterwards, they
realized I still had their water bottle (from the aforementioned
hiking trip), so I invited them over to see the place, hang out a
little, and get their bottle back.

We head over, I show them around, and give them their bottle... We
talk for a bit about random stuff, and then A starts to say "time to
go," because, after all, it's getting late. And, she says, I have an
advantage: "You don't have to get up for work tomorrow." :) I'm still
at the stage where I am honestly amused by that kind of comment, but
B, on the other hand, responds more interestingly: "Oh, that reminds
me, I've been meaning to ask you, are you still looking?"

"Well, yeah, I am." "We may be looking for someone." "Oh, where are
you located?" "Out in Medford..." At this point, something starts to
click in the back of my brain.

"You're not at Real-Time... No, wait, you're at...-" "Yeah, RTI."
"They already have my resume! Is this the high-end support position
thingie?" "Yeah! How did you know about it?" M (cf. the hiking trip
this summer) had forwarded me this posting to the MIT CS jobs mailing
list about this position... And it sounded really good, so I applied.
(This is one of the jobs I mentioned in my previous posting here) So I
tell B about this, and we all have a little laugh over it.

We talked a little more about how they're not sure what they're
looking for, and so I joked around a little: "me!" And I told B that
I already mentioned to [name elided] that I had all the qualifications
they wanted except the experience programming real-time systems. When
I said the guy's name, though, B looked at me funny and said "That's
[nickname]! J's husband!" And everything in my brain clicks together
into this one giant puzzle piece, and suddenly I feel really stupid
for having sent really formal sounding email to a reasonably familiar

But I guess I now have my foot in the door in a big way, if they
decide I'm the kind of candidate they're looking for. Which is pretty
cool. That'll teach me to use my new-fangled crs@... address instead
of the good ol' shabby@... address; I don't know if [nickname] even
recognized me, just as much as I didn't recognize him.

So what happened? I don't know; maybe the universe is looking out for
me. Maybe the universe is just inherently tiny. A lot of things
friends said, or did, or didn't do, over the past few months, came
together into one moment last night. It was like the season finale of
a TV series or something, when all the elements of the arc plots come
together in a very meaningful way...

And all that confusion over what job was more interesting? It seems
to have gotten a swift kick in one direction. I guess what the
Universe is really doing here is telling me that I want to see
customers and help them solve their problems in a hands-on kind of
way. Which I guess I already knew.

Oh, and belated-posted happy birthday, tikva! At least I
told you on time in person ;)

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