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"Never rode shotgun on a hearse before"

Ahh, The Magnificent Seven. A true classic. My sci-fi game needs to have Wells Fargo coaches in it.

I haven't written much in LJ lately. Let's catch up.

Been doing a little consulting at DI with my time. Not sure, but I think it took a big bite out of my unemployment check. It may actually not be worth my time to do the DI work. I'm kind of disappointed in the system if that's true. It's being fun, though. And it should be ramping down at this point, an hour here or an hour there, from home... So it's all right either way, really.

Cute people are cute. Had lunch with tikva today, that was fun. Some other things are brewing... Not going to say much about that here... :)

I've been playing a lot of Dark Age of Camelot lately; I think that's how I waste time in front of a computer now, instead of writing in LJ. The addiction is somewhat exacerbated by the fact that one of the cute people I know plays the game a lot... :) Actually, more than one, but one in particular.

What else? Oh right. Got a nibble on the job front, actually. A friend finally bugged me enough to apply at this place he was referring me to, and I did, using their web form. I wrote this great cover letter, and my resume looked really good in their text-only field, and I managed to fit in all the info about me they could want. Ten minutes later I had email asking me to phone them for a preliminary interview.

I was amazed. I think they read my stuff and decided I was worth acting on. The more I learn about this company the more I think I'm perfect for them, and they're very good for me. The only hitch: they're in Maryland, on the beltway. I would have to move, leave behind my comfy little life here in Boston.

Anyway, I called them a little later, and before lunch I had my interview. I nailed the thing. Two semi-technical questions, one of them more project management-y, I suppose, and I nailed 'em. We talked a bit, and I'm expecting another call or email within the week, for a more in-depth interview.


That feeling of possibly having found my place... it's unbelievable. And it comes perilously close to overriding the whole Maryland thing. Eep.

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