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I was flipping through the Palm Programming book tonight when I realized... I'm likely going to be employed again soon, and likely before the severance thingie runs out. I could get a Treo or a Clie after all! Try to build something for the thing, make the token programming project happen.

So I dug out the receipt for my current Sprint phone, and found out that I essentially have a $190 trade-in value for the phone (or possibly $130, if they don't refund the cost of the service contract this time like they did last time I upgraded). With Sprint's other refundy things... The Treo is looking very tempting, even if its screen is merely 160x160.

Though it seems silly to get one now when I have another perfectly good project on my plate to be working on...

Whee! It's so late, and I'm going to have to get up to go wandering a maze tomorrow... I should so be asleep by now.

And I need to have more music in my life again. Got to drive back from the bowling alley with the radio pumped up, doing 60-70 on Storrow Drive, it inspired me to drive right past my exit and take the long way 'round to Soldiers Field Road and zoooom along...
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