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Friday night I saw Spirited Away at the Coolidge theater. Very good Miyazaki film. It had everything a good Miyazaki film has... though some of the thoughts I had it are kind of spoilerful; it did have some weaknesses. I couldn't figure out what attributes the main character had that made her successful overall, what made her the hero, besides the fact she was the central character of the show. I like the character to succeed because of some strength she has, not just because the camera's pointed at her.

Saturday morning I saw the new episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. Well, no, I saw last week's episode on my Replay. I failed to watch the new one, and still have yet to see it. But it looks like more of the same; they're keeping Jade very much front and center, and that's got its good and bad points. But it's a good show, with heart, and I enjoy watching it.

Then I poked around on the Replay and found the Enterprise and Firefly premieres (well, Enterprise was starting its second season). Enterprise really disappointed me; they set up this big kaboom, and then defused it with deus ex machina after deus ex machina. They even went so far as to include a line about time travel: "We're not in a Jules Verne novel, there's no way you could possibly understand." Grrrrrr.

Firefly, on the other hand, rocked my world. This is the universe I want to see sci fi done in. Rough edges and all, some slight stylistic stretch marks, this thing has the makings of a true gem. Minimal use of tech, except as a matter-of-fact part of the universe, interesting political things happening, the David vs. Goliath thing, this is the adventures of Han Solo in a universe that borders on steampunk. I love it! Joss even made sure to toss in a Willow and a Xander, for us Buffy fans... It has his sense of humor stamped all over it, and a good sense of optimism even in a dark future.

This is the universe I want to game in. I've said that about other things: Song of Ice and Fire, Babylon 5, Traveller, Rurouni Kenshin... But this time I think I really mean it. I may put together some d20 rules that make a decent sci-fi game, or just steal them from T20 when I get my copy (it ships real soon now, apparently)...

Gaming is hard lately, though. Everyone I know is really busy, too busy to schedule any games. It's very sad. It might be easier if I lived in Somerville, where I could do some random pickup gaming. I don't know. At least there's DAoC now.

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