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interesting times

What on earth would a man do with himself if something did not stand in his way? -- H.G. Wells

Let's see. Sunday, bit a friend's head off while failing to give him useful directions to Hilton's Tent City. Ended up punting, and driving back home empty handed, where I sat and pouted at my dead PC and did nothing much of use.

Sunday night started with going to work, then arranging dinner with same friend and some other friends. On the way to Legal's, I left a message on B's answering machine asking about punting ballgame Monday, since I was feeling pretty bad about work, thinking I needed to start really worrying again. I think I must have sounded very stressed on the phone there. Proceeded to have dinner with friends and almost start feeling vaguely human again.

Late Sunday night as I was going to bed, phone call from B. Very very helpful call, she's still a great friend. Decided not to punt the ballgame, and I managed to be able to sleep quite well after that.

Monday, got in to work very early, to facilitate not feeling guilty about going to ballgame. Got some work done, finished some sections of documentation, started clearing things off my list of things to do. Went to the ballgame, and it started raining, but we were under the overhang thingie. That was nice. Though once they put the tarp on the field, and it stayed there after half an hour of what appeared to be no more rain... we ended up leaving.

It was probably for the best for me, anyway; I was starting to get antsy. As it was, it was already four hours away, and I was going to have to leave around 6:30 for a game.

Speaking of which, game happened, and a new player showed up, and we went through the introducing-a-new-character-to-the-secrets-of-the-ship run, which involves some fun and a lot of exposition. But it was all right... We're on the fast track to a big plot, I think, so it's all right.

Yesterday was the eventful day... but I should get back to work, since I'm punting giving blood today (hopefully to go tomorrow) so I can get some work done this afternoon and evening. Got to work late today for reasons forthcoming in the next post.

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