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no complaints... video games.

nothing to complain about. *sigh*

Oh, I bought a video card this weekend for my computer mostly because I couldn't stand the unfinished project of my PC being "mostly back alive" sitting in my room... Now that it's back up and running it's mostly still shut down.

I tried to play Warcraft III that PC some more (man, is it pretty with the new card)... But the first level of the Undead campaign, which you'd think wouldn't be that hard to beat, I haven't been able to get past yet. I keep forgetting to save, and getting impatient and running in with all my guys to try to kick some ass. Always a mistake on a level with very few resources. I will have to go through it saving after every little victory, and try to beat it that way, sometime. 'cause patience is not something I have a lot of for the game, and I don't know why.

I also preordered Kingdom Hearts from the Electronics Boutique. Hopefully this time they'll actually save me a copy from their first shipment, but at least since I didn't get it from the Galleria, if they don't have it I won't have to pay twice for parking. I have high hopes for that thing. A week and a day to go...

Computer/console gaming seems to be coming back into my life as a hobby... It's not bad, though it is a bit expensive. Eternal Darkness was worth the money, I think... though, thinking about it, going to see a movie is like $10, getting a movie on DVD is like $15-25... the soundtrack album is like $13-17... Overall, a game costs about as much as all of those combined. Maybe I should go back to movies as my main source of entertainment.

Ahh, but a movie lasts a couple of hours. A $50 game lasts... well, 13 hours, in the case of Eternal Darkness. Plus replay value (which is not inconsiderable).

Huh. Kingdom Hearts has Haley Joel Osment providing the voice for the main character. Good sign.

Anyway, it's time to begin the workday.


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Sep. 10th, 2002 07:14 am (UTC)
Kindom hearts has a frightening cast list of voice actors.

Random thought: the actor who played punky brewster is still working on TV.

But on them money front, I've never been comfortable renting games, but it might work out beter for you. (it's hard to tell.) there is also the patience way of making video games less expensive. Devil May Cry is now $30. Though that's always a risk because sometimes the go out of print long before they get theri price reduced.

And then there is the "borrowing from friends" option. Highly recommended for both rpice and convienence and it's an excuse to see them.
Sep. 10th, 2002 07:18 am (UTC)
Soleil Moon Frye also directed a movie a couple years back. Apparently it was a pretty good movie, got good reviews at some festivals... Don't know if it ever got distributed.

We should form a game trade co-op sometime :) Make sure that we only buy one copy of the second-tier games among us all. (Since we clearly all want to be playing first-tier games ASAP...)

Oh, I also failed to mention that my housemates are pretty good for things like this; one in particular seems to get a lot of the less good games a few weeks after they come out... I actually made sure to warn him that I was already getting Kingdom Hearts, to make sure he didn't also get it.
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