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it's a good thing...

I'm glad I didn't cut off my hair like I was tempted to when I was depressed about the QA thing.

Today was good. Dim sum with some friends, randomly running into other friends... Seeing a silly movie a second time (XXX), laughing at the action, and at some of the melodrama. It really is pretty much a cookie-cutter spy action movie. Saw a trailer for The Transporter, a Luc Besson flick starring the guy from Snatch. That looks like it will kick some incredibly huge amounts of ass.

The other interesting trailer was an Owen Wilson/Eddie Murphy buddy spy flick, I Spy, that is extremely suspect. Normally I'd say Owen Wilson is in it, I'm there, but... Eddie Murphy? Isn't he dead yet? Though I guess I never did see Behind Enemy Lines so I can't even say I've been perfect in that record before.

I was a little disappointed, we were in room #1 at the Boston Common, and it wasn't a digital projection. I want to see more digital stuff so I can figure out if it really is too pixellated, or if that was just my impression from the first couple times going... (Attack of the Clones and Signs both)

I should clean my damn room.

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