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settling in this morning...

a slew of thoughts cross my mind...

Who's the wise guy that made iJournal all metallic? Bluh.

Hmm, Jaguar doesn't support my mp3 player (as a USB hard drive) yet... Time to go looking for drivers.

Speaking of which, Jaguar sure does seem slower, at least at web browsing and switching between apps. I know my iBook doesn't support Quartz Extreme, but... it actually seems slower.

It's good to be part of a team at work again. Talked with some coworkers about some stuff late yesterday, and started figuring out where I was off course in my project, and fixed it up a bunch. Working on PermaBEEP was like being in a vacuum, in many ways, probably more because of my ego than any other reason.

Good chocolate is good. Big omelettes are big. And orange juice abides.

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