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in other news...

Jaguar is ok, but not as over-the-top incredible as I thought. I have crashed Mail.app a few times now, and iChat is unwieldy and uninteresting, compared to Adium.

I got this picture from a friend of mine, taken near the end of my recent GenCon vacation, when I was back in Minneapolis, getting my Christmas present. He says it's a good picture of me, I say I don't like the look on my face...

Actually, I don't need to have a poll; this is the kind of thing that everyone will end up saying "you look fine!" for, that's how LJ polls work. People post stuff like this and troll for compliments and get them.

It'd be nice if my eyes were open, though. And if I lost some weight in the neck area.

Gaming is getting bigger in my life again. I'm afraid if I'm not careful I'm going to end up in too many games a week and find myself inundated, with no time for an, um, "life." Whatever that is.

It'd be nice to go on dates again.

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