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tired, definitely.

urge to snack. nothing in fridge.

need to shop for food... clean up kitchen, make it usable.

PC is together. Needs a non-USB keyboard to work, I think. Or maybe I should check the pinouts on the front USB. Or remount the motherboard to make the USB ports fit right with the ATX cover thingie. Not sure. Win98 really seems to need a lot of drivers for the stuff that's in there now though. 'twill be a pain to get it all working, but it'll be worth it to have a reliable gaming desktop again.

Eternal Darkness on the GameCube is my latest addiction though. Played some more tonight. Lots of fun, especially once you really start losing your mind. Good puzzles, great plot. Excellent atmosphere. It's almost worth trying to set up Dolby Surround in the game room...

Tomorrow, I tackle the XML problem... Ugh.

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