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Blockbuster ("Wow! What a difference!")

What a difference a good night's sleep makes.

So it was pointed out to me by trysha (hi!) that with a minimal investment ($250 or so) I could buy a new french horn on ebay. With some reasonable time investment after that, I could pick it back up and practice enough to get up to speed, and in a few months I could be auditioning for parts in pit orchestras or local music groups.

I haven't played a brass instrument in 10 years. I kind of wish I had noticed this possibility years ago, shortly after graduating, when I was still forming my social schedule out of nothingness. I'll have to drop something to do that, but... It might just be a good idea.

I need something that's my own that's not work, that's for sure. I miss making music. Karaoke this weekend was ok (would have been better if I had picked songs in my range), and I plan to try more karaoke as time goes on. I could break out my accordion, reclaim my keyboard, try those things out for a bit.

Or I could try this. It seems like such a wacky idea still.

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