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some more "me" stuff I forgot

Movies. I do like movies for themselves, and I should spend more time getting my Netflix churn rate up, get some more classic flix, and keep my eyes open for opportunities to tape older stuff on the Replay. Keep that background process running thinking about plots for movies. Start writing down ideas.

Music. It's been too long since I've done anything even remotely like the creation of music. I should start using the keyboard at work once a day, maybe. Think about finding a used french horn, cheap. Break out the tiny MIDI keyboard and play with Cakewalk some. Get started figuring out how to do MIDI output from a Mac program, think about the old soundtrack Markov chainer idea again for gaming background music. Take advantage of friends with karaoke machines.

Humor. I wanted to start figuring out how to really be funny. Write humor articles. Put together some kind of standup act, maybe. Write stories, see about getting into TopFive.com's contributors group.

Chinese. I want to learn to speak Mandarin, so that I can visit my grandparents and talk to them. It would also just be nice to be able to speak it well. I should pick up the books, and start doing assignments out of them again. Rip the tapes that came with the books I have to CDs (get my tape player back from Dan), put 'em in my car, and start with the "repeat after me" action. Or maybe borrow B's Pimsleur discs.

Anyway, the key here is I'm on the road to more self-awareness. And that can't be bad. Right?

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