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Too much to do already, and things are starting to fall through the cracks. Missed one party yesterday and now there's an impromptu D&D run I'm missing for another party tonight. My D&D-playing friends just toss up this run and expect me to have no other plans, it's kinda weird. I didn't think I had much of a life, but there it is...

Just came back from some Christmas shopping, instead of going to work today. A twinge of guilt there, but man, I'm in between things right now and starting the next bit up on Monday morning seems easier than starting it up on Sunday afternoon. Maybe I'll do a little work now, I guess the stuff I just finished could use some cleanup. It'll be all right, I'll work long this week.

Except Tuesday, when I'm playing Traveller. Time to see if we can get our ship out of this infested system in one piece. *shiver*

This has been a bit of a flirty week for me, online. Weird.

Time to prep for the party tonight... Need to bring some foodstuffs.

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