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Gen Con, part 2

Gen Con was pretty long, no?

Saturday morning was another slow start, since we didn't advance in NASCRAG; I'd left that slot open in case we did advance, so around 10 we ambled on over to the floor again. That was when I resisted the Game of Thrones urge, and felt proud doing it.

Hmm... that killed time until round 2 of the Open, where I played the same Druid as in the first round, and had more spells to choose from... I was kinda ready, having learned a little about the Druid spell selection... I had the same tricks ready up my sleeve. But this time we were a party of 9th and 10th levelers up against a 20th level wizard, at a time the GM didn't let us have preparation spells up and ready... It kinda sucked.

At one point I tried to bring down the stone ceiling on the flying wizard's head, using Soften Earth and Stone to collapse it on him, but the GM ruled that there was magic on the tower to keep the building from being affected by anything. I felt cheesed out of my victory, but looking it up later, the spell shouldn't have worked - it doesn't work on worked stone. Oops.

Anyway, in the evening, Scott convinced me to play in a puzzle competition. I would have totally missed its existence on the schedule without his help, so I really owe him some big thanks. It was a lot of fun. A three hour set of 20 puzzles of varying types, in a team of 6-8 people (it shrunk as the evening went on)... Including a few puzzles of the form "write a cheer for your team, making sure you make it clear what your name is" (We were the Enigmabusters) and "sing an orc song"... We had a lot of fun with the puzzles, and some of us enjoyed writing the songs a lot. And performing them, boisterously.

Our orc song was soooo bad, but they loved it. Anyway, our team won, which meant the members of our team got to compete for who got to be Shadowman's Apprentice(TM) and who received the Very Sharp Knife(TM). The competition was this: 5 riddles, 2 minutes. The most correct wins.

I got three, and was worried... Scott got two, and no one else got more than one. That kicked ass. It was like the old days, like my high school days, winning a contest and getting to stand up in front of people and... and... It was just excellent :) Our songs rocked (for filk, that is) and we just had a lot of fun. Now to figure out how to get the Very Sharp Knife home to Boston. I hadn't planned on checking luggage, but now I may just do that.

I forgot how good it feels to just win something outright. I guess that's where the big head and overinflated opinion I had of myself on arrival at MIT came from... Mmm, overcompensation. I should remember I still do have some of it. Looking forward to the next Mystery Hunt now, though these were much simpler puzzles than those.

Whatever. That's Saturday. We looked around, found out we didn't advance to the third round of the Open, and failed to find the NASCRAG awards ceremony. Then we went to the Rock Bottom Brewery and got some pizza off the late night menu. They make decent pizza; I'll have to try the stuff they make in Boston, see if it's equivalent. I also tried a beer... Red Badger? I forget what it was, but it was the tastiest beer I'd ever had. Kinda sweet and mild.

Slept in Sunday instead of making it to Living Greyhawk, and hit the floor; that's when I failed my save and bought the $19 worth of cards... Not such a bad loss, though; they're pretty, and I think it could be a fun game to try at Your Move Games sometime if I find someone playing it.

Hung out with Yoav, Chad, Tanis, and Tanis's friends... It was a nice relaxing day on the floor... Followed by a decent drive back to Rochester, where I am now holed up in my parents' basement.

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