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I love waking up to revelations about why my code isn't working. I guess my sleep cycle ended at around 9 or 9:15, and I decided to try to get more sleep, I kinda remember that... so I was in this kinda semi-meditative state for 45 minutes, kinda turning things over in my head about what was going on in the code... and then suddenly, *click* I realized what was the problem. It made me wake up feeling happy and refreshed, despite the fact I had insomnialast night until like 4am.

Before I forget, I'll just write a note to self: using C++ std::copy into an insufficiently long std::string will scribble all over stuff, as the iterator just isn't that smart. I should grow the string first.

I still have the last song I was listening to before coming home from work last night going through my head... Now I'm reading the lyrics to it, which I've never seen before, and I realize... They Might Be Giants still writes some damn good stuff.

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