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dinner and a movie...

So we ate at Maggiano's for a housemate's birthday last night. It was a huge feast, and expensive, and tasty. I kinda filled up on salad (healthy) and fried calmari (not so healthy), so the main courses kinda came as an afterthought, which is a shame... They were really tasty (salmon, and chicken saltimboca).

Afterwards, Yoav convinced a few of us to hit the Boston Common theater for a midnight showing of Signs... I have been psyched for that movie for months, but I was tired, but... damnit, I was going to stay up late and see the thing. And it was all right, I didn't have any trouble staying awake.

I would rate the movie as "good"; it was competently done. Shyamalan really seems to be trying to be the next Hitchcock, to me. There was nothing electrically good about this movie though, nothing that came up to me in my seat, nothing that politely asked me to stand and then kicked me in the ass. This was no Unbreakable, and it was certainly no Sixth Sense. And it's a shame that he's always going to be judged on that standard now, because for anyone else, this would have been a fine third movie.

A little Night of the Living Dead, a little Birds, a little North by Northwest by Psycho (mostly in the opening credits sequence)... It worked for me; but I was expecting ... more.

We got to see the movie in Digital Projection. At first it took some getting used to; during the trailers and credits, with the text on the screen, you could visibly see the pixels, even see the antialiasing. But during the trailer for Disney's Treasure Planet (what? yes, you heard me right... more on that in a bit), I realized that digital is truly the way of the future, at least for animated features. 'Cause Wow. Anyway, once the movie started going

Oh, and what's up with showing a trailer for The Santa Clause 2 before Signs? Who do they think their demographic is?

So. Treasure Planet. Frightening concept. They show the kid on some kind of Extreme Sky Surfboard thing, like in Mountain Dew commercials. But then they showed what looked to be some kind of space galleon, with sails out and all (hi-tech sails, from the slightly reflective look of them...) and I think I'm intrigued by this idea. I think I'll go, anyway; but I don't think I'll drag any of my friends out to see it.

Hm, so what's left on my summer viewing list? Still haven't seen Minority Report, K-19, Reign of Fire, MIB 2, and Goldmember... And that's just the blockbusters. I also need to see Read my Lips, Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Importance of Being Earnest... and probably countless others. Hmm.

Maybe I'll skip the blockbusters.

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