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my Monday and Tuesday...

Monday was all right, I started really getting some stuff done at work (funny how a 3 hour drive gives you a good chance to think things through in a way you can't get any other way...) and things were really going quite well, for a change. (an aside: Over the past month or so, my schedule has been slipping, and I've been reporting on it every week at the client meeting.)

So, I'm sitting there, coding away, when the boss shows up and asks how things are going. I tell him "I'm starting to really get going here, it's looking good." "When do you think you'll be done?" I tell him when... and he says "oh," and proceeds to complain about the magnitude of my schedule slippage.

This is annoying. It derails me, kicks my morale down three notches... If he was upset with my schedule, why didn't he tell me this when I was slipping? Why was there not a single word about this for the last two weeks? Suddenly, he decides to complain, when there's nothing I can do except what I am already doing. It really made no sense. Anyway, I talked with him about it about a half hour later and got back on track after that talk...

Whatever. That was yesterday. It ended up well, with an Explorers run to boot. Today was good, too. Kicked a bunch of ass.

Tonight, I did some laundry. A finished basement, with a laundry room, with bright lights overhead, is a wonderful thing! Wow. While the laundry was in the machines, I got to play some Stuntman, which is a bit of a frustrating game, but lots of fun :)

God, it's way past my bedtime. There's some doomy doom doom coming down the road for tomorrow. And Bad Boys is on the TV as I finish folding the last of the laundry... Remarkably fun flick, and Tea Leoni is wonderful to look at as a brunette. :)

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