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My weekend in New York... and Boston

My lame pickup line from the test: "My name may not be Fred Flintstone but I can make your bed rock!" Which, of course, ties in with today's PVP Online quite nicely.

I have had a roller coaster of a weekend/Monday/Tuesday, wow. Mostly highs, thankfully.

Woke up early Saturday, got in the car, got some breakfast, and got out of the city by 9:30. Three hours later, I was at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, which rocked my world. I started out getting a camping pass, so I could crash in chaiya and hakamadare's extra tent for the night, and made it into the place in time to catch Jess as she was about to update her note to me about where to find her posse. Got greeted with a hug, and it was easy to find their tarp at the main stage - Bonus! I was in time to catch Trina Hamlin's bit (alongside those two other people voted favorites from last year's festival... Zoe someone and Eric Schwartz... who were also excellent...)

It was really nice. Then I found the note chaiya had left for me in the morning (even though I must have looked right at it before and missed it), and hiked up the ridge to their massage pavilion, where she was, apparently, massaging LFNY (Ann Heaton, Edie Carey, and those two guys ;) I got a hug there, too, and got to hang out with real musicians and play their movie game.

It was lots of fun, it goes a little like this (play goes around in a circle). "Hey, Andrew, you know that movie, um, Attack of the 50-Foot Woman?" "Actually, Edie, I think he's thinking of Splash..." "No, actually, I think he's thinking of Joe Vs. The Volcano" etc., etc., around the circle, until someone can't come up with one (and bluffs, and is "challenged" to come up with the link)...

Anyway, I hung out at the folk festival, and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Reminded me a bit of the good ol' days, car camping with my parents, but with folk music floating up the hill all day long. I really, really, want to do this right next year, get a tent, a camp stove, and a cooler to bring, and just really get into it.

I loved getting set up on Jess and Sarah's tarp Saturday night for the last concerts of the night, lying back, and looking at the stars, realizing how many constellations I have forgotten while living in the city. Dozing in and out of consciousness as the guy plays song after song... "Is that 'Desolation Lane'?" And then just a short walk up the hill to the tent, where I unroll my sleeping bag and zonk out.

I loved waking up Sunday morning and wandering out of the tent, sweaty and not worrying too much about it, walking down the hill, and sitting down in front of the Workshop Stage where some group was playing a little jam session... Pulled out some comic books, sat back, and relaxed...

It actually ran all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I got there late and left early, due to other commitments. Next year I'm going to do it right, make time for it well in advance. I may have to skip GenCon '03 for it, but it'd be worth it.

Got back to town Sunday afternoon, and went to Cirque du Soleil. Fun show.

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