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what a day...

Finally got to sleep by 12:30am after packing numerous boxes and stuff. Up at 7am. Helped movers for 4 hours, done with them at 11:30am. Moved the rest of the stuff into the van by 1pm. That was some serious work... And it was *really* hot. I did a lot of the lifting for getting stuff into the van (payback for missing the packing of the bulk of the common areas last night for a house dinner)... Ended up taking off my shirt 'cause I got so hot (this cotton shirt is so the wrong thing for moving). And no one mocked me. It was weird. :)

Now my car has stuff loaded, and I have a key to the new place, and I've been over there and it's pretty nice. My room is definitely smaller than the old room; the bookshelf thing is going to be interesting.

I just came over to my last apartment and found out that my old shelving unit (the kind that attaches to walls) is still sitting here in the kitchen, waiting to be picked up :) I thought by now they would have installed it somewhere, but nope. I guess I'll pick it up and use it over my desk, like last time I had too small a room.

I'm going to have almost no closet space in the new room; it's a little diagonal bite out of the room for the miniscule closet that I do have. This is going to be interesting, definitely. I should go install the shelves tonight, if possible, before the main bulk of the stuff gets brought in. I need to figure out how I want to lay out the room, though. Tricky.

Anyway, after the van was loaded we all headed to the Galleria where I got to feed my internet addiction a little at the Apple Store. *grin* didn't get much, but it was enough to keep me going for a few more hours. I hate to think what I'd do if I had no access to the net at all...

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory, and then off to the new house to check it out. (This is where I learned much of what I've already said)... Then we went to Home Depot to get some stuff, and price some other stuff, and copy keys (thus the key that I have), and... um... then I came over to my old apartment, which brings me up to date.

Gah. Long day. Still to become longer. At least all the work of the past week is paying off, making this an easier day than it otherwise would have been.

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