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Seen on Twitter

"if there is no public option and no medicare buy in, what exactly is being reformed?"

This is the direct result of somebody's attempt to "frame the message" surrounding healthcare reform. I don't think Obama's doing it, or the Democratic Party. Whose bright idea is this?

Edit: To clarify, I'm wondering where the idea came from, that any health care reform that doesn't include this specific thing is automatically a failure. I still remain unconvinced that a public option is required to make a meaningful reform to the nation's health system.


Dec. 15th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
Support this industry or go to jail.
I have been without insurance and it is frustrating to try to pay-as-you-go with the current price structure (or lack thereof) and all the gotchas, but I could not pay for insurance because it was more than my entire income. Instead of paying, I did without. In one case, I super-glued a huge slash in my leg back together rather than brave the billing department at the emergency room. No one does without insurance because they ~want~ to be without it.

My main concern with the law as it is now is the mandate that everyone MUST buy insurance. Without a public option, if they can't afford it now, then they won't be able to afford it when it is law, but then, in addition, they also won't be able to afford the fines.

If you can't afford car insurance, you can choose not to license your car and then you have the option to sell it or take it off the road.
If you can't afford health care insurance, will they give us euthanasia clinics?

The last time I tried to get non-employment-related insurance, the cost was about equal to the entire take home pay from a minimum wage job.
Without offering an affordable option, the law will either be forcing the poor to work for the insurance companies (indirectly--all earnings go to insurance instead of feeding their families), we will impoverish them further with fines, or we will be jailing them. At least in jail, they get free health care but I worry about capacity. Will we need to bring back the poor houses?
Dec. 16th, 2009 04:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Support this industry or go to jail.
Is there no need-based subsidy for coverage in this bill? It should be possible to provide that without having to provide a full-blown public option...