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With the idea that a status report is coming up on Friday, and not today, the day after Christmas, comes a spate of productivity. I'm making good headway on this abstraction, as my head is clear enough to just make it happen now. I'm so glad I get a few days to try to bring my average for the past week up from its abysmal low holiday productivity.

I brought this on myself... I wanted a challenging job, and I asked for the insanely important project when it became available. Now I need to follow through on this; I told people I could be counted on, and I'm not going to let them down.

The other thing I've done today is brought in changes of clothes, towels, and shower/toothbrush stuff, so I can stay the night if necessary. I'm hoping I have the willpower to do it tonight and tomorrow night; make the code *really* start to flow here. It almost feels like it could be fun, from this vantage point 12 hours before the time to actually implement this plan comes...

I hope it actually is fun. I want to be one of those programmers, and it's only by cultivating my ability to submerge myself in this kind of work that I can do that...

In other news, I had a very nice Christmas. I couldn't bring myself to come into work when one of my housemates was working on the dinner I'd be eating, and while other housemates were hanging out having fun, so I just stayed home all day and took part in the festivities. Great day... We played numerous board games. Buffy, The Hobbit (enh), and Frag. Frag was excellent; Steve Jackson Games has done it again.

We exchanged gifts, and I got some really cool things. An excellent Frank Miller Daredevil graphic novel, the best rendition of his origin story I have ever seen. A copy of the small-press edition of Daniel Keys Moran's The Long Run, an excellent near-future sci-fi novel set against the backdrop of an uber-epic plot, with hints of that showing through... Trent pulls some crazy stunts in that one. The small press editions are hand-numbered, really really nice hardback copies of his books, the first new printings in years.

I got one other item: a Spiderman movie poster. But this wasn't just any Spiderman movie poster; this was a pre-9/11 edition of the poster, the one that they recalled as many of as they could. The reason why? Spiderman is sitting there, stuck to the side of a building, and in his eyes, you can see the reflection of the World Trade Center. It's really quite wonderful. I guess the couple who gave it to me heard my rant about WB pulling the Spiderman trailer, how keeping the trailer in the theaters would have been more respectful. :) Well, I know they did, anyway.

Well played.

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