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rent is expensive.
cirque is expensive.
gencon is *damn* expensive.
eating out is expensive.
movies are expensive.

I really, really, really need to start controlling my expenses. I should see if I have chicken to cook and bring in for lunch today, to start with.

I wish I could have had the 2br $750 apartment near Union I saw this weekend. But I feel a little better realizing that the timing would have not worked at all even had I known about the place, so it wasn't just a case of not having the info to make it happen, it was also impossible, to boot.

But at least this realization makes me really glad not to have tried to stretch to afford the 1BR place right in Davis Square ($1250 or some such, IIRC. Waaay too much).

So I guess I'm in a pretty good compromise position. I need to keep my eyes open for word-of-mouth apartments opening up next summer starting now though; really pay attention to what's going on this time.

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