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just a guy made of dots and lines

T karma on the T's very bad day

Apparently I have good T karma or something. Around 6 I started hearing things about the Red Line having issues, some kind of delay at Charles. Multiple reports of >1 hour waits, that sort of thing... Knowing I had a workout at 7, I started trying to wrap up "early" and got out about the normal time, 6:20. I figured at this point I was doomed.

I go downstairs and see a lot of people waiting around in the bus area. Also, there's what appears to be a line of buses... I ask people what the T is doing about the Red Line, and they respond, "nothing." I look again, and see that the line of buses isn't actually a stopgap sent by the T; it's just a set of vehicles all trying to get around a disabled T bus... each had to inch by slowly, making it look like a line. Oops.

It comes out that one of the people standing there is waiting for the 68, with the hope that she can take it to Harvard, then catch another bus from there. This reminds me that the 77 leaves from Harvard, and I could take that past Porter, and walk just a few blocks up Day St. to get to my workout only somewhat late. ...so I hop on the 68 bus that just happens to be pulling up. Got out of Kendall around 6:25 or 6:30.

At Harvard Square, I get off the 68 and walk to the bus depot (I needed to ask someone where the 77 leaves from... turns out it's underground, you turn left when the train is on your right). As I'm walking to the 77's stop, I notice a wave of people leaving the train area, and decide on a hunch to turn right instead, sweeping through the turnstiles, past the exodus, up onto the platform... where a voice immediately announces, "Attention Red Line Customers. The next train to Alewife is now approaching."


So the train gets in, a zillion people get off, and there's plenty of space for me to ride in comfort to Davis, where I'm about 3 minutes late for my workout. If I had waited at Kendall, who knows if I would have gotten that train, or if the press of people in the station would have pushed me back to the third or fourth or fifth train to come through?

I feel like I have found some new level of skill navigating the city. It's warm and fuzzy.

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