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December 2 - Inconvenient

This is rather inconvenient timing for insomnia, what with a meeting with my boss's boss in 5 hours, wherein I should be explaining what I've been doing, and what it is that I plan to accomplish, and where I generally fit in in this place called my workplace.

On the other hand I now have some notes about even more things that I should make sure to talk about. So that's good.

Y'all thought I missed the second day of my LJ month, didn't you! Well it's still Tuesday in my head so this counts. So there. It was close because we had dinner after work, and then I went to bed early in order to make sure to be nice and awake in the morning.

Oh. Maybe there's some causality there, some explanation for my untimely awakeness. Yup, there it is. Just gotta read between the lines.


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Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
Oh man, no wonder you seemed a pit peaked this morning. I hope the meeting went well.
Dec. 4th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
Going to bed early to be more awake the next day never works :-) I hope you managed to get to your meeting okay
Dec. 4th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
Yes, you appear to have read between the lines. ;-)

But seriously, yeah, it even managed to go well. Thanks.
Dec. 4th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Glad it went well.
Dec. 4th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
so did you count this one for dec 3 as well? ;-)

i too was awake at 4:37am on wednesday.. i overshot a bit on my dayshifting for an 8am meeting. drank a lot of wine the night before and chrashed early. then, woke up at 4am, and couldn't get back to sleep.
Dec. 4th, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
It would appear that I missed Wednesday. Wednesday turned out to be a very full day.

Oh well. That was short-lived.
Dec. 4th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
no no!! yes, it counted for both days. carry on!
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