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Going to bed at 9pm ends up really weirding my sleep, and my sleep schedule.

Now that I seem to be bored with WoW I seem to spend some time, er, not playing WoW. The time I would have been playing WoW a month ago, it turns out, is still unproductive time for me; I watch some TV, I play some Freecell, I obsessively check Google Reader for new articles in interesting areas (skipping over the chronically unread blogs)... but I haven't gotten a new game to fill that space, and I figure this can last a month til the expansion comes. Maybe that'll rekindle the flame, maybe not.

Let's see... random snippets. Foodzie looks potentially exciting down the road. Batman tracks down the Joker...

Charlie Stross writes about Living in Interesting Times... makes me wonder if it'd be amusing to write a sci fi story in the fashion of a writer who takes a long time to write his story, over the course of, say, a decade (1998-2008?)... doesn't go back to revise earlier plot points, and always writes for the universe that's the extrapolation of that time. So it starts out full of optimism for the unfettered expansion of the tech sector and free software, then the recession starts around election time and the future of the story turns a little greyer. After 9/11 he'd start writing a bleak future of constant terroristic threat... it could go on. I wonder what the climax of the story would look like, written starting a couple weeks ago, finishing on election day.

Hm, I've punted around here long enough that the T is running... I could go to work.

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