just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

Gen Con coming

And I still haven't finished my Comic Con write-up.

This month is insane. I've only got the one character made, I had hoped to have three by now... But I think I have myself packed for the trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow's schedule: 8:30am to the gym for a workout with personal trainer. 10am, off to work with all my gym stuff, work stuff, and Gen Con stuff. Luckily the Gen Con stuff includes a rolly case that I can put my gym stuff on top of. Gym stuff and work stuff stays at work, and I go to the airport for Gen Con with (duh!) the Gen Con stuff.

No computer, this Gen Con, so I'll stall out at 80% through season 3 of SG-1 for a little while. Yes, I've watched a lot of SG-1 since getting back from San Diego. Turns out it's actually really really good Sci-Fi. Who knew?

Maybe I'll post to LJ from my iPhone again... That'd be cool.

See y'all Sunday.

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