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Comic-Con Friday, part 2

Next up on Friday was the Joss Whedon panel. The whole Dr. Horrible gang was there - Joss, the three other writers, Nathan Fillion, NPH ("Those of us who are tight with him can call him that," said Mr. Fillion at one point, thus proving that lemurtanis is in tight with NPH), Felicia Day, and Moist (who I was seeing for the second time, since he was also prominently featured at Big Bang Theory).

This panel was more proof of the theory: if you have a group of funny people up on stage, they can talk about anything and it'll be fun. I suppose that in this case, the subject was quite outstanding, so I guess it's not a very useful data point. Maybe it proves nothing.

I don't know that I ever completely stopped laughing during this panel, though that's nothing compared to the fangirl squeaks coming from the person sitting right behind tirianmal. But I'll say this: Nathan Fillion is clearly the inspiration for Captain Hammer. He was hamming it up so hard that the writers must have had to tone him down to create the Hammer character.

It's really amazing the extent to which Firefly owns fandom right now. Joss really struck a nerve with the collective consciousness there, and the fans aren't letting him forget it. Here, and everywhere else that Firefly alum were present (Stargate: Atlantis with "Kaylee", as some audience members inadvertently called her during the questioning, and Chuck with Adam Baldwin on Saturday), any mention of Firefly sent the applause meter through the roof. It was kind of embarrassing, actually, how ungracious it felt like we were being to the other cast members for those shows.

Next, a break to go down to the show floor and see more folks (I think this would be the time in which I got my picture taken with a big pile of webcomic authors, as well as the pic I paid to have taken with Ezri Dax herself, Nicole de Boer). Then, back to room 20 for the Bones panel, where David Boreanaz really really acted like he was high on something. He drank a lot of water, too, I bet that's a symptom :)

What a blast this day was... and it ended with the second steak restaurant in as many days. (Thursday night we happened to go to a "grill your own steak" place for dinner (called, cleverly, the Gaslamp Strip Club) - though we didn't know that when we went in.) Ruth's Chris Steak House is, in the end, worth every extravagant penny.

And we were sitting two tables over from Lou Ferrigno! yoav_y and yandros were joking about going and getting their picture taken with him... apparently Lou has a reputation of getting violent in such situations.

In any case, Friday was incredible. I was expecting the lines to be even worse than what I encountered, and expected to get shut out of most of the things I wanted to see. In the end, I got to see pretty much everything I wanted on Friday, though some second-tier things (like WoW, Legos, Clone Wars 3-d, Jim Butcher, Penny Arcade, Robot Chicken, and Kevin Smith) fell off the bottom.

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