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Comic-Con preview night

Saw the "Fringe" pilot (JJ Abrams' new show). It felt a bit Lost-ish, but with more ... er... plot? It was good, and I liked the characters. Abrams has a way of making single words creepy. Very nice. I'll give it my one hour a week once it's on the air this fall.

Went to the floor and saw the sights.

Nicole de Boer was signing autographs - maybe I should have gone and got one. I loved her as Ezri Dax in Season Seven of DS9, and she's great in Dead Zone too. But really, that would just be more stuff to take care of. And she's cute, too!

Jennie Breeden was at a booth with Randy Milholland and Aerie... I asked Randy if he was stealing items from the girls and reselling them, like Davan would, and he came up with some excuses. Oh well. :) Jennie Breeden's webcomic does not do her justice. She's supremely cute in person.

I stopped by Dumbrella's stand but they were all very busy and were a little offended that I kept asking about Blank Label Comics people instead of, er, them. I also kinda got quiet when I met Jon Rosenberg - I have kind of mixed feelings about that comic these days. Oops.

At that booth, I got to see the back of MC Frontalot's head, and saw R. Stevens from across the way. Maybe I'll talk to them tomorrow. (note to self: also, Meredith Gran is there.)

Not that I really know how to talk to celebs. "Love your work" is about all I know how to say.

At least I got to tell Howard Tayler that I've eaten a chupaqueso now. Greg Dean was off dealing with his worst day ever, apparently, but... David Willis and the guy from melonpool (and now, apparently, his new comic Cryptozooey) were there too. I like Shortpacked! well enough, I should have said more to Willis. Oh well. I'll be going back sometime to talk to Greg.

Around the corner was Penny Arcade, where I bought book 5 (which I did actually want to come away with) and too much other stuff (including a Deep Crow poster, which, while it's awesome, I have no idea where I'll hang).

The floor was starting to close at this point, but there was time for one more booth, the Halfpixel booth... I bought "How To Make Webcomics" with a thought for maybe starting one up based on some ideas I had on the plane (nevermind that I can't draw worth a damn) but no one was there, no Scott Kurtz, no Kris Straub... I guess I'll go back sometime.

Kris Straub in particular I want to talk to, since I'm amazed at how much I like Starslip Crisis, despite it starting out with such a wacky concept (the curator of a space museum is the main character). [Note to self, it looks like I'll want to go to 2107 to see if he's there...]

Pics when I get back. Apparently I have no way to get them off my camera while I'm here. I got a pic of me with the Owl Pod (beautiful detail on this one - I should go back and look around more later... see if I can find the cigarette lighter), as well as with the Nerd Herd car from Chuck.

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