just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

weekend update

Friday night, tapas at Dali with coworkers in town from California, then off for some beer at a bar in Inman Square. Drank a lot of water before going to bed in the heat, and woke up feeling reasonably ok.

Friday night, late (I think) - WoW arenas, 2v2 Djacaranda (my shaman) and Leoura (a very well-geared healadin). We did ok, for starting up as a new team up at 1500. Didn't lose every game :)

Saturday morning, WoW - Lochinola did some questing in Feralas with Gigit. Hit 50, woot!

Saturday, noon - D&D Worldwide Game Day at Pandemonium Books. We got TPK'ed because we spread the damage out over the enemies like butter. Also, I'm pretty sure our cleric didn't notice his Healing Word power on his character sheet. Kind of key, that power.

Saturday, 4pm - Tosci's with a WoW crowd to meet Fubuki in from out of town. Hung out a bit, had ice cream, good times.

Saturday, 6:30pm - phone call with an ex-coworker who I haven't talked to much lately. His family's out of town this weekend, and we were going to try to do something this weekend, but timing mostly cut it back to just a phone call. Which freed me up for

Saturday, 6:30pm - WoW arenas, 3v3 Dagny (my priest) and forgotten_aria and her mother. We did ok, I remembered to heal.

Saturday, 7:30pm - Hang out with gentlescholar et al. Talk gaming, housing, life, etc. Played a game that, it turns out, is Diamante, but the American edition.

Sunday, noon - drove with mathhobbit to Worcester for a tiny ren faire. Neat place, fun crowd. Saw two of the people from my D&D table yesterday there.

Sunday, 6pm - DMed a D&D 4th Ed pickup game. My first time running a 4th ed game, it was surprising how manageable it was. Though, having only 4 players made the combats in Keep on the Shadowfell really hard... but it was a lot of fun. I wonder if we'll pick up where we left off sometime, to try to continue the module. In the meantime I might try to run the beginning of the mod again for other people.

Though, I should have spent some time this weekend prepping a run for Wednesday. Oh well, that'll come later. Also, I should have spent some time at the gym this last week. I haven't.

Mostly, though, things are good. This is what life is like when I just go where the wind blows. If I were to try to steer, what would be different?

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