just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

a good weekend

It started with a movie mob - I successfully summoned people to see Iron Man!

Then I spent the rest of the weekend with some errands, and some WoW. It was fun, and relaxing.

Also, honeyartichoke and Z introduced me to new anime. It's called Beck, and it's about a band named Beck, but not that Beck. Often it's mainly about 14-16 year old Japanese high school students, and the band parts are secondary. Some interesting bits in there... And it's the first time I've seen anime where the dubbed version is superior to the subtitled one. Turns out there's a lot of English usage in the original Japanese soundtrack - especially lyrics. It kinda hurts to listen to...

Plus with the dubbed soundtrack and the subtitles on you get to see all kinds of differences between the two versions.

Also: in English, the parrot says "Asshole!"

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