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Got two new fillings today. My lower lip is still numb on the left side.

One of them was in my top-right molar, which was the tooth that I got a filling in some time ago... he drilled out the old filling and replaced it, and man does this feel a lot more competently done. That old filling kinda went straight across, flat, and this one feels like a tooth again.

The other filling was in my lower left wisdom tooth... The dentist offered to hold off on that one "in case I decided to have them removed instead." It looks like only 15% of the surface of the lower wisdom teeth are actually used in chewing, but someday they could be handy in bridgework or something? It does add to the cleaning effort in my mouth, though, and it's harder to brush around the back of that row of teeth, and it's one more hard-to-reach spot that I need to floss regularly.

Yes. Flossing. I need to really do it this time. Both of these cavities were between teeth, in places that flossing would have prevented. On the other hand, I could wait less than two years between cleanings... maybe that would be sufficient. I apparently have 1mm of recession in my gums in places, I don't know if that's good or bad, but flossing will make my gums "less tender."

Is "less tender" a synonym for "calloused"?

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