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just a guy made of dots and lines

D&D Errata

Just shoring up the old 3e before leaving it behind, I guess. (Also, a marketing promotion for those who want to save $50 on their 4e books!)

Page 156 – Starting a Grapple [Substitution/Deletion]
Replace “Step 1: Attack of Opportunity” text with the following:
Step 1: Stop Your Game: You and all players stop gameplay. Other players may elect to go get pizza and Mountain Dew (it’s in the fridge) while you sit at the table and carefully reconsider your decision to grapple. If you still wish to grapple after the other players return, repeat this step.”

Page 203-204 - Bigby [Substitution]
All reference to Bigby become “Stephen Colbert.” All spells with “Stephen Colbert” in the name have “Doritos” as a material spell component.

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