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just a guy made of dots and lines

tonight's workout

One hour, and my ass was thoroughly kicked. Let me see if I can remember all I did. People have been curious, and I think I can remember this one reasonably well.

Ok, so it started before that hour timer really, with 8 minutes on a bicycle to warm up, and 15 minutes of stretching.

Then came the dynamic warmup. Running across the room in various ways that stretched out more muscles, and got me damn winded. Kick the knee up and step forward. Kick the leg up to touch your hand and step forward. Lunge forward. Take side steps with one foot front, then back. Skip. Lunge backward.

25 jumping jacks, 10 squat thrusts, 10 "spider-man" (push-up position, then bring each leg up and to the side touching the ground and back to base position).

Get out the step and the 12-pound metal bar. Bar behind neck with hands holding it steady, step up and bring a knee up 10 times. Then swap legs. Then, get off the step, hold the bar in both hands, stand on one leg, lean forward, and pull the bar up to the chest, 10 times. Swap legs. Then back to the step-up-knee-up with bar behind neck. Then 10 more of those but with the bar held straight up.

Then out to where the medicine balls were; trainer holds the ball while I lunge forward, bring the back knee low. I'm held up by my forward foot and my back toe. He then throws the ball, I catch it and throw it back, and get back to the standing position. Alternate legs, 10 lunge-catches with each leg. He throws off center quite a bit.

Then, punching bag. Three full sets of 10 jabs, 10 punches coming across (uppercut?), 10 jab+uppercut, and then 30 seconds of flurries, just punching from waist height right/left in rapid succession.

Then, to the big exercise ball. Arms on top of it, supporting most of my weight, with only my toes to steady me. My hands are perpendicular to the floor, thumbs pointing up, so it's just the forearms holding me up. Roll down the ball, so that my hips are low, and then back up, something like 5 times, I think.

Then he has me hold my body up with the forearms, keeping a certain position, where the abdominal muscles are holding me up, not my legs or chest, for 30 seconds. During this time he has his hand on the exercise ball and gives it little tweaks this way or that, and I keep my balance. I'm much better at this now than I was the first time I went through this. I did it for 30 seconds twice, and didn't have to give up in the middle either time.

This worries me - he's going to make it tougher next time, I bet.

In any case, this is the kind of thing I spend an hour on, twice a week. Well, actually, this is one set of exercises he puts me through; the other set is on Saturdays, and I'll try to document that at some point, too.

Now to find two times I can spend 30-45 minutes at the gym between now and Saturday, so I can do some of the prescribed cardio. Thursday and Friday mornings, before work, seem likely suspects.

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