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The Great Debaters

Great movie, stirring speeches. Only problem is, Wiley College kept getting the propositions that did in fact hold the moral high ground. I'm guessing that they didn't actually have to argue "Resolved that state colleges should admit colored students"...

Though I am relieved to learn that the reference to "separate but equal" wasn't an anachronism after all - it was overturned in the 1950's, but had been around since at least 1896 in Plessy v. Ferguson. So at least I was wrong about that nit (which I wasn't sure enough about to say out loud after the movie, so at least I get half credit about holding back... right? ;-)

Anyway, by the end of the movie it felt a little like they went to Harvard and were handed the debate, "Resolved: the sky is blue. Wiley College will argue the affirmative." Also, the Harvard men made wretchedly bad arguments. Even for a losing proposition they could have fought back better.

But those are minor nitpicks, really. It was still an inspirational movie, and the off-the-podium action was extremely engaging, with what seemed to be an authentic feel of the fear existed in the south the 1930s for them.

It was a weekend for emotionally striking movies, actually; I'll have to talk about I am Legend on another occasion.

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