just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

5/366 Bookshelf

Here's just one of my bookshelves. My shelves need some serious reorganization. There are books here that should really be in storage, and books in storage that could be out here.

The three books in the foreground are books I got when the authors came to speak at work. The Haldeman is fluffy but fun, though I'm not sure whether he successfully resolved one of the paradox possibilities he opened up. oPtion$ by Fake Steve Jobs was a hoot, really giving a wonderfully warped view of the brain of a CEO. I can't decide whether to suggest it to baronet or tell him to stay away for fear of exploding in rage.

Jim Shepard's "Like You'd Understand, Anyway" is ostensibly a book of short stories... but to me it felt a lot more like a collection of character sketches. Interesting characters, flawed, and real. And a bit self-destructive, most of them. But... the book had an honesty to it that felt right.

Under those books is Make Magazine. It's neat to flip through, and there are times I feel I could really see myself building something from within the pages, or something that would be appropriate to submit there. It's a vicarious experience of creativity.
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