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a new project

Well, the time-lapse project died on the vine. I took a picture. One.

So I have another idea. First, some background. I enjoyed reading DM of the Rings and have been enjoying Darths & Droids.

In DM of the Rings, it's the story of a gaming session where the DM just won't let things get off his predetermined plot, and railroads the players into every decision. It's not a picture of a fun gaming session, and a lot of humor comes out of the friction there.

In Darths & Droids it's a bit the other way around - the players run roughshod over the DM "I can use this laser sword to reflect shots, right? It's clearly energy contained by a magnetic force that can also reflect energy outwards..." Then when little Sally gets to make her own character for the run to keep her entertained as big bro watches her, she comes up with Jar-Jar Binks.

Darths is a particularly brilliant take on the weaknesses of Episode One. I can't wait til they hit midichlorians.

I was thinking that in their respective stories, there is a feel to the storytelling, a way in which the stories actually lend themselves to the story. So I tried to think of a movie where the balance between DM and player seems to be in that sweet spot, the place where you find yourself really enjoying a game, passing the baton back and forth with the GM, and truly collaborating on Story.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. It starts out with a single character but others come along...

So, who wants to split the burden of writing and producing a weekly webcomic based on the Indiana Jones trilogy? Darths is somehow a team effort. I imagine it starts with some brainstorming sessions, followed by one or two people writing drafts of strips, those drafts getting consolidated into a final script, and then another person getting screen grabs from Raiders and formatting things... going back to the group when things don't quite work due to layout of frames and such...

Anyway. I'm probably not going to do this thing. But it was fun to think about for a bit. Anyone who wants to run with this, feel free. Let me know if you want some help :)

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