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The Bourne Identity

I really enjoyed this movie. Is it just me, or has this been a really good summer for movies? Even the crap (like Undercover Brother) turned out to be reasonably good satire, and Spider-Man, The Sum of All Fears, and The Bourne Identity all came out and each of them rocked in their own way.

As it was, though, The Bourne Identity was intelligently done, with lots of nice little touches in just "smart things Jason Bourne did because he was trained well." The movie looked very, very authentically European. I read an interview with Damon beforehand talking about how they were aiming for "La Femme Nikita"'s aesthetic, and I think they actually pulled it off. I think that their casting choice of Franka Potente really helped a lot there; nothing like an authentic European woman to give you that unique exotic sexiness.

My only problem with the movie was with some of the stunt cinematography. The car chase, the fights, all came a little too close in, I think, to give anything like a big picture of what's going on. Though the stunts were pretty universally clever and well conceived, it just felt like the camera was a little too close to all of them, to me.

I should see Bad Company, About a Boy, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, in an attempt to find out whether the movies I've seen so far have really been good, or if I've just been on crack since Spider-Man. Though I guess there is the fact that I didn't think Episode II was very good to support the idea that I'm actually exercising judgement here, rather than liking anything big and flashy on the screen.

And The Bourne Identity wasn't big or flashy. It just was. And that was extremely cool.

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