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that userpic meme

Here's a cute userpic meme, courtesy of ilai:

Comment on this post. I'll choose six userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or you know, your own journal, whichever), explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along. Also, feel free to please ask me about my icons here, as well.

Highway: This is one of my L.A. Story userpics, that I made myself from screengrabs from the DVD. Near the end, Steve Martin is talking about how the city was alive, and on the screen is a time-lapse video of an L.A. highway. I like time lapse photos of highways (see also the end of Tron) so I snagged it and made it my default userpic. I think I may use this when I talk about travel, but mostly it's used when I don't have a good choice for userpic among my others.

Driver Wanted: This is a panel from the comic strip The Norm from back when it was still in syndication. I wonder whatever happened to that guy; he said he was going to go off and get subscription-based money... I liked the strip, and bought a bunch of his books (which were really sort of Kinko's-level quality fan zines more than anything else), but didn't go on to support him in his endeavor. I guess I liked the strip, but not that much.

As for the icon, I use it when I'm talking about driving and cars.

Mind Go: This is another L.A. Story userpic, animated from a scene where Steve Martin's wife (that is, the actress is his wife - she's just someone he's interested in, at this point in the movie) is a little bit confused about how they ended up here on the highway, brought there mystically by her car. I think this is actually a different scene than "Kiss her, you fool!"

Yeah, this movie is one of my favorites. Romance and I get along fine as long as it's up there on the screen, apparently. Maybe I just like the idea of the city doing all the hard work for me.

Rust Monster: This is an image from the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual, by TSR, a depiction of a rust monster. The rust monster is an odd critter; it can't really do a lot of damage to a person, and gets killed reasonably quickly, but if it touches your metal weapons or armor, you can lose some really nice stuff. I haven't actually seen one in use in any game I've been involved in, but I use this icon when I'm talking about running my own game.

Politics: This is my icon for political posts. The character is Will Bailey, who got introduced into The West Wing as an idealistic young campaign manager who kept running his candidate's house campaign in a conservative district in California despite the fact the candidate had died of a heart attack. He successfully called down a rainstorm to drive away late-day voters and give his guy the victory... giving Rob Lowe a graceful exit from the show.

Anyway, Will was this awesome idealist speechwriter up until he got to be a regular on the show, at which point we got to see the westwingification of yet another guy, when he worked his way up the ladder to become the VP's chief of staff and start undermining our heroes' initiatives to help prep for the VP's eventual presidential run.

Also, this actor was awesome in other productions, such as Sports Night and View From The Top.

Caffeine: This is another panel from The Norm. Norm needs coffee, because it is morning. I use this when I'm grumpy or tired. I haven't used it in quite a while, I don't think.

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