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Pittsburgh part 2

After walking past the demolition site (which was jarringly right across the street from a church... made for some good juxtaposition in the photos) we made the return trip down the other cog rail and went to a mall right in the river valley... Definitely a tourist stop, this mall had the endpoint for the duck boat tours (yes, it's not just Boston and the Wisconsin Dells that have the duck boats) and a musical fountain show every 20 minutes. This time the show started with the song from Flashdance, which I recalled was a movie set in Pittsburgh.

A walk back to the car, and off to the next stop... blk's place, where we left the car and set out on foot for Frick Park. Squirrel Hill is really a beautiful little residential area, houses set back from the street, sharing driveways and garages. Most of the houses were townhouses, split down the middle, which is not too different from Somerville and all its zillions of condos split horizontally instead... well, except for the fact the living space is also bigger in Pittsburgh, and there's more green, and.. er...

Well, anyway, Frick Park reminded me a little bit of the Middlesex Fells, but smaller and with less highway noise.

After the park, my feet started to bother me - I was in new shoes that, I think, compress my toes too much, horizontally. I've stopped wearing those shoes since I got back, anyway, and I'm happier for it. Stopping periodically to readjust footware, we were able to make it to the restaurant - Cafe Point Brugge, a belgian place with an astounding beer selection and amazing food. The appetizer, Seared Mango and Tofu, was magnificent, and a sign of things to come. The tofu was friend in those little triangles, which I've seen somewhere, but can't quite remember where. The sauce was wonderfully gingerful, and the whole thing was on a bed of yummy spinach.

Totally have to try to reproduce that dish at home sometime after I can have fruit and sweet sauces again.

The beer with the meal was this interesting belgian thing, a Corsendonk Brown, if I recall correctly. It was sweeter than beer usually is, I think, and quite tasty.

Next came the soup... the best beer and cheese soup I ever tasted. It was like a very sharp cheddar, or asiago, in that soup, not your usual generic cheese that they toss in for the heck of it. Another dish I must try to reproduce at home.

Dinner was Steak Frites with bleu cheese. Very nice, but not as good as the other parts of dinner :)

After that was an acheful walk back across Squirrel Hill, though we somehow found a relatively flat path, so it didn't cause sharp pains. My feet reserved actual pain for the downhill bits. Back to hang out a bit, then I headed back to my hotel.

All in all, we walked over 8 miles that day, much of it in areas with good vertical distances as well. Lots of fun, lots of sights, and great dinner. The day could not be beat.

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