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Gen Con postings

I'm sitting here in the Indianapolis airport, waiting for my flight. I was booked to leave at 2:35 originally, but that flight went the way of the dodo when Chicago got socked in by thunderstorms... now it's a direct flight leaving at 5:30ish. Hm, actually, the life story of my plane tickets for this flight could make a post that would be interesting to some.

So, Gen Con posts I need to make:
  • D&D 4th Edition and things it might mean
  • The worst game experience of the con
  • Better game experiences at the con
  • Things I might include in my Eberron run when it comes back
  • Beer
Non-Gen Con posts I need to make:
  • Wedding in Chicago
  • Food in Chicago
  • Working in Chicago
  • Planes, Trains, and Buses in the midwest
Well, I have a few hours here, and some wireless internet leftover from a few months back when I bought into this service... I may just have to stay a subscriber. Though I expect my summer of travel is coming to a close.
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