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Investigated Bally's fitness in Porter Square. Looks quite good, and the membership I would sign up for would probably include four personal trainer sessions to get started. Do I want to do this thing? If I do, it should wait til I'm back from my first two-week work trip coming up next week.

Looked at bikes for the shortest time... went to Ace Wheelworks, looked around at what they had. Saw some amazing bikes for more than a thousand bucks. I don't really know what I want to do about this. The old bike is still in good shape. I just think it's actually a size or two too small for me, since trying ringrose's bike when I found mine with a dead front tire.

I should at least get the old bike fixed. Then I can ride it for a bit, and if I decide to get a new one, I can sell it for its actual value, rather than depressing the price artificially since it has a flat tire.

In some ways, a bike and the gym membership feel mutually exclusive - if I'm biking to work, I'll bypass Porter Square for a more direct route to Kendall, and it'd be all weird and inefficient to go to Porter on those days. On the other hand, I don't want to bike every day, or go to the gym every day, but if I did one or the other each day, it'd be really good for me.

Whatever. I'm a step closer to action in the gym track, and in the bike track, and I will push closer to either incrementally and see what seems right as time goes on. It won't be til July that I really have a chance to act on this again, though. See the aforementioned business trip.


Jun. 12th, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)
Oooh! my turn to chime in....
So, as much as you think bike and gym are exclusive, they aren't. Unless you're masochistic, you will not be riding the bike in winter, and unless you hate the outdoors, you will have more fun biking in summer.

$1000 seems high for a bike, although I know nothing about bikes and prices...

As for gym:
Bally's is one of the nastier chain gyms. They don't really treat their customers well, and their prices are high. They try to lock you into a multi-year agreement, and they will NOT let you break it unless you can prove you've moved more than 20 miles from any bally's location. This will screw you if you move to another spot in boston.
That said, it's well-accepted that if your gym is more than 10 mins out of your way, you will fail to regularly go. So if Bally's is the only one that meets the requirement, go for it. See if you can squeeze a better deal out of them though.

As for trainer: Two reasons to have a trainer. One is to learn how to do the movements correctly. A good trainer can help with that a lot. Sadly a lot of trainers are pretty much 'I got my cert and I know nothing' types. Ask around before you pick one. The other reason is to motivate you to show up to the gym. You can save a lot of money if you can be motivated enough to go regularly without needing a trainer.
Avoid the chatty trainer in either case. They make great friends and horrible trainers.

Oh and let me repeat one more time. It's up to you to go regularly and actually DO stuff there. Most people pay a craplot of money to join a gym, get locked in for a 3-year contract, go for about a month or two, and then quit. Don't be most people.
Anyway that's my $0.02.