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unemployed week 1

Sunday, saw some anime with honeyartichoke and friends, then ended up dropping by Ego and the Oracle at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway at the last minute.

Monday, going-away lunch with the gang from the office, temporarily losing my phone's SIM to Marc's clutches, getting a new Nintendo DS for the trip.

Tuesday, took an early-morning taxi to the airport, flew to San Diego, and saw Sea World with yandros and yoav_y.

Wednesday was lunch, Fry's, seeing jencallisto ever so briefly (good luck on that paper!), and seeing the Heroes finale in HD on a huuuuge screen. Very nice, indeed. We also shopped for costumes for yandros and lemurtanis and generally saw the town.

Thursday, went to the dog park with Yoav's dog Toby, ran around a bit, walked to Balboa Park and saw the outsides of all the museums. Got lunch at Hash House a Go Go, which brought a huge trough of breakfast that I ate mmmmaybe half of. I guess it's easier to stop short when it's painfully obvious that I won't ever be finishing the food; this could be an interesting alternative to small portions, psychologically :)

Friday was the Midway, while it was open. The ol' aircraft carrier was pretty neat; got a lot of pictures to submit to No Ideas But In Things. Got to play with the PS3 some; it's very pretty on the huge screen, at least. Spider-Man 3 for the PS3 is, in fact, somewhat painful. Got to bed kinda early.

Now, I'm killing a little time until it's time to head to lunch and the airport.

Staying with nightshifted people makes for very relaxing mornings, it turns out, especially when I can't seem to get on California time, let alone get nightshifted.


May. 31st, 2007 07:49 am (UTC)
pics of Toby
Hi Abbe... look at some pics I just uploaded here:

May. 31st, 2007 12:20 pm (UTC)
Re: pics of Toby
must. get. a. dog. now!
Toby was an extra cute puppy and looks like a great dog. :)

thanks for the link. :)


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