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To prove I'm not WoW-mad, if nothing else :)

dcltdw's party Saturday night was really good. Lots of folks there, got to see the out-of-town visiting people like animal2nd, jcatelli, and Ingrid. I even played a game of Settlers of Catan in which I was somewhat in the running for most of the game (until I disobeyed mjperson's instructions to roll an 11, choosing instead to roll a 7. I should have listened, Mike!) Followed by Dim Sum with most of the same people Sunday morning. Yum.

Sunday afternoon, a bike ride with Lisa and baronet. Had to borrow ringrose's bike since my tire is dead (I should deal with that soon!) and found it much more comfortable. I now think my current bike is too small for me, and I should replace it, rather than getting the tire fixed. Yes, I have tried getting a longer bike seat stem and stuff, but nothing I tried last year made it not hurt to ride for long. I have high hopes that an actual investment in a new bike will make a big difference in how much I get out this year.

Also: starting with many shorter rides, and working my way up to longer rides, will be a more sound strategy for the summer. I was winded by Arlington Center, so I clearly need to get back in shape before I can really ride.

Monday night, new tabletop game in which, once again, I screwed up in my capacity as a security professional (well, bodyguard, anyway). Oh well. If I didn't screw that up, he would have had to find some other way to hit us.

Last night, I got to go to surrealestate's Seder, where a bit of wine was drunk (of both the "glorified grape juice" variety and the "real" variety) and food was eaten. For the dinner I brought a sauteed zucchini dish that looked a lot better when it was hot off the stove, than after sitting through the first two official Glasses of Wine™. Oh well :) It was still tasty, and the other dishes there were amazing. warlord_mit had a blackberry pie that was pure awesome.

So there it is.

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