just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

[WoW] Dagny at 70

So, Saturday, Dagny hit level 70. She's one dungeon away from being able to raid Thursday. So now it's time to think about respeccing. Because her current spec is kind of ridiculously bad for most things, except maybe PvP.

Talking at the Nefarian memorial ice cream social this afternoon I got the idea that maybe, just maybe, we needed an actual Healing Priest in the raid group... so I did a little poking around and decided that maybe, just maybe, Circle of Healing is worth giving up Improved Divine Spirit for.

So I'm looking for feedback on this Holy talent spec. If I go Holy, it's an end of an era... Dagny will finally have strayed from the safe neutral territory of Discipline, picking the side of good over shadow. She's been leaning that way for some time (since the priest talent review, really), but I guess she's finally ready to move on over.

I wonder how this'll affect the personality she shows in RP... hmm.

[Edit: changed the spec in the post to the current revision]
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