just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

Checkpoint 1 achieved

(Originally written yesterday morning, starting during the small window I had Internet access for at Blake's place... for some reason I lost access before I could post)

Stayed with bdeakin in New Jersey last night, and now I'm thinking about how to proceed with the day. I think no matter what I'm missing the 1:00 slot at the con, so I might as well relax this morning.

The drive was kinda crappy, especially in the north, but I generally felt like I was able to drive faster than the other cars on the road safely. The Camry really handled it well, especially since I did a couple all-around checks between leaving work and getting on the highway. I made sure tire pressure was up to full, cleaned off all the windows thoroughly, and made sure the windshield wipers were making full contact with the glass.

At a couple points I suspected I was further left than lanes actually existed; lane markers were hidden under slush generally.

I'll probably get a small breakfast with my host, and then catch up with S&K who are visiting from North Carolina real quick before really hitting the road.

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