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I'm diggin' it. I got that survivability thing going on with Dagny's current build, and it's a lot of fun.

Rude awakening

I've been using Mind Vision a lot to try to see what's going on at other spots in Arathi Basin. It's great for being able to call incoming groups out when my own station has no action going on. Wednesday night I was using Mind Vision from the Lumber Mill to get a good idea what was going on down at the Blacksmith (are we winning? losing? I dunno... let's see) when suddenly I snap out of it, and a Rogue standing behind me starts digging in. After the initial stun wore off I was down to about 1/2 health... I shielded up, hit my Aegis of Protection, cast some heals on myself...

...and I look again and he seems to have fallen off the cliff.

That's almost more fun than actually Mind Controlling the guys and tossing them off the cliff bodily.

Sometimes I just like to watch

Another time I was at the Blacksmith watching a group assaulting the Stables... we were doing all right, but as I watched I noticed and called out a Shaman on the beach down by the water, hidden from the defenders, casting spells up at folks. Over Ventrilo, I hear Marco call back calmly, "Oh, thanks. He'll be dead soon." A blue beam of light streaked out and very soon, the Shaman was dead.

Ok, maybe that one's only good if you hear the voice.

The Best Offense Is Sometimes A Good Defense

I was at the Blacksmith, looking around, and things seemed pretty secure. And I noticed that the Farm was pretty much empty... We had like five defenders at the BS, and we only controlled two of the five spots, and were falling behind on resources, so we needed to take one. I decided, what the hell, and rode out solo... got close, popped all my cooldowns (Reflective Shield, Power Infusion, Aegis of Protection), and started to capture the flag there.

A solo Warrior rides in and we square off. He stuns me with his charge, and starts to hit me (wearing down my shield, healing me up a little with the Aegis aura, and hurting himself on the Reflective Shield)... I survive the stun, re-shield, heal myself a bit, drop a SW:P on him, and Mind Blast him. I think for a while in the fight I was even using the wand, but I kept on staying alive, 20, 30 seconds, bringing him down most of the way. My friend Bastogne rode in, and helped out at this point, but this guy ended up killing himself on my reflective shield... I then proceeded to finish capturing the flag.

We won that Arathi match, and it was close the whole way. We ended up holding Farm, BS, and LM, which seems somehow backwards to me, but it's a pretty defensible combo.

PvP is such a rush!


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Dec. 22nd, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Priests in PvP
>That's almost more fun than actually Mind Controlling the guys and tossing them off the cliff bodily.

No, it's not. Mind controlling some guy and then leaping to your death is the bestest!

Survivabilty, though. Good job on getting that. My spec pretty much means that when the rogue decloaks behind me, I've either got a friend right there willing to pull him off, or I die. It's quite annoying.

It's made me very paranoid about keeping perception locked down though, so nowadays I sometimes see them coming; then I'm in much better shape.

Of course, after they kill me, I get to spend 15 seconds healing whomever I designate as my vengence taker. Uninterruptable mana-free post-death healing. That's the second bestest.
Dec. 22nd, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
Oh this sounds like fun! I should try PVP sometime (i'm terrible at dueling though :-( ). Don't know when any of my alliance characters will get to similar levels as yours, but it'd be fun to play together sometime - maybe with our horde side characters or draenei (later on).
Dec. 24th, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
This is why you all shoud join a PvP server, like me. Though our server has practically shut down after the patch - everyone is in battlegrounds 24/7 so much that many of our guild raids are getting cancelled because noone wants to stop the uber honor point grind for GM weapons (and most people a dual wielding them by now anyway). Sigh.
Dec. 24th, 2006 08:38 pm (UTC)
First, did you mean the Aegis of Preservation, or do you have something nifty I've not seen before?

Second, you might be interested in these notes on WSG strategy, especially the stuff on Kill Order. WSG favors speed and snare far more than AV, of course, but there's still good lessons in that guide for any BG.

I notice that you don't mention Psychic Scream in there... are you finding that HealTanking is actually working for you? I haven't tried PvP with my priest since the 2.x respec, but that's mostly 'cause I have the Warlock already.

Oh, and about the Rogues... they're nearly all I see in BGs anymore. The stunlock-gank ability of Rogues got so much better in this last patch that I just take it for granted that the designers want it to be that way. Regarding mjperson's comment, I rarely see anyone with the ability to `pull off' of the healers anymore -- if you're an effective healer holding a resource in AB, you will be suicide-ganked by a Rogue, and then his team mates will storm the flag while you both rez (assuming that he dies shortly after killing you.) I see this so much lately on my warlock that I've become the fallback target, if there aren't any squishy healers around.

PvP can be frustrating at times (just ask lemurtanis), but can also be a lot of fun. I've seen enough of the game now that Raids (for logistics, leadership, and puzzle aspects) and PvP (for the `ultimate AI' competition) are the most interesting challenge, and lately no one goes on what I consider `fun raids' (pushing in to new stuff) anymore.

wesleyjenn: I don't know if I could ever convince lemurtanis to play on a PvP server (I've tried), but the lure of friends is pretty strong... where did you end up?
Dec. 24th, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
Re: WoW PvP FtW
Yes, Aegis of Preservation, and yes, Psychic Scream is an important method of buying yourself some time (sometimes more than others - all too many people have that fear-breaking trinket... I don't use mine, since I have better things to fill those slots with ;-)

I've been meaning to ask you about the rumor you were considering jumping servers... Might I take a moment to tell you about Earthen Ring? ;-)

Oh, and I should post about this later, but I'm running a little behind getting out of here to do errands before hopping a plane to Minnesota... so I'll just mention it here. Woot! Exalted with Darnassus and Swift Mistsaber Reins!
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